LCpl. Philip J. Martini Memorial, Camp Pendleton, 09-28-06

“Cpl. Philip J. Martini, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, Regimental Combat Team 5, was killed by a sniper’s bullet in Anbar Province, Iraq, on April 8, 2006. He was 24. On Sept. 28, 2006, a memorial ceremony was held for Phil and 10 other brothers in arms who died during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The memorial was Read More

Nay & SKP B-Day w/Scot and Jess, Feb. 26, 2012

“We got together with Scot and Jess last week to celebrate Nadine’s b-day and mine from last October. Was great to see them. Been a rough winter for all of us. They gave her a hand-etched martini glass and me a copy of the companion book to Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison doc.” From Nay & Read More

MS Fits at Walk MS, 04-19-09

“Karla Posner and her daughter Samantha, supported by a team of nearly a dozen family members and friends dubbing themselves the MS Fits, joined 6,000 other people in the Walk MS 5K fundraiser Sunday, April 19, 2009. These are from the start of the event, when Karla told me her team had raised around $1,000 Read More

Micaela Hicks & Nick White, July 11, 2010

“At BBQ for Lorraine Martini’s 81st b-day, hosted by Cheri White with Michael White, Grillmeister, at the Whites’ home in Carlsbad. Their son Nick was home on leave from the Marines, heads back to Iraq for 6 weeks, then he’s done and home, off to NY to study doctoring. Micaela will be a junior in Read More

Beatles RockBand session, Sept. 19. 2009

My son Scot Peeples brought over his Wii, Beatles RockBand game and two guitars, and sister Ruth Peeples joined us. Scot’s played it a bunch already; this was first time for rest of us. We plugged it into the surround system, and swapped guitars and bass or guitar parts around on maybe a dozen songs. Read More