Drummersleash Stick-Spinning Accessory Rocks

Drummersleash: spin sticks without dropping them!
Drummersleash: spin sticks without dropping them!

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 1, 2013 – An innovative accessory invented by a drummer especially for drummers,  Drummersleash is a drumstick grip which loops around a finger and a stick and allows players to spin sticks without ever dropping one.

Drummersleash is now available from www.drummersleash.com for the introductory price of $14.95 per pair or $8.99 each, plus shipping.

“Drummersleash is perfect for anyone who plays drums, whether you’re in a rock band or a marching band,” said Erik Heidt, inventor and CEO of Innovation Heights Inc., the Florida-based company that developed the grip.

The U.S.-patented Drummersleash offers a clean, cost-effective alternative to grungy gloves and funky waxes, provides an easier grip on the stick, and makes flashy stickwork effortless.

“Drummersleash works, in a lot of ways, and looks cool at the same time, for all kinds of drummers,” Heidt said. “I’ve done a survey of more than 50 drummers from all types of backgrounds, and every one of them wanted to use it.”

To view videos of the stick-spinning accessory in action, see and hear what a variety of early users and fans have to say about it, and/or purchase a single or a pair, visit www.drummersleash.com.

More than 1,000 of the accessory have been sold to date to music stores, marching band directors and solo drummers.

Dealer inquiries welcome; discounts are available.

For dealer information, or to set up a media interview with the inventor, contact Stephen K. Peeples, Innovation Heights Communications Director, at skp (at) drummersleash.com or (661) 714-2345.

Write Innovation Heights Inc. at P.O. Box 15233, Clearwater, FL 33766-5233.

Article: Drummersleash Stick-Spinning Accessory Now Available
Author: Stephen K. Peeples
Article Source: StephenKPeeples.com

Drummersleash Stick-Spinning Accessory Now Available