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Delgado Brothers, Danny Diaz, Bob Robles: ‘Congo Square’ Guitar Duel

Joey Delgado, Danny Diaz, Bob Robles, and Bob Delgado rip at Barnes Park Amphitheatre in Monterey Park, California, closing a benefit tribute for Johnny Thompson on March 20, 2022, the first day of spring. Photo: Stephen K. Peeples.

The Delgado Brothers headlined a tribute and benefit concert for guitarist, teacher, and music shop owner Johnny Thompson at Barnes Park Amphitheatre in Monterey Park, California, on Sunday afternoon, March 20, 2022.

Also on the bill for “A Day of Music”: The Distrix, Thee Midniters, Innerforce, and Jumpin’ Jack Benny featuring guitarist Danny Diaz.

Thompson, who owned and operated Johnny Thompson Music for more than half a century, and was revered by generations of student and professional musicians in and around Monterey Park and East Los Angeles, checked out last August 21.

For more info about Thompson, call 626-943-3080 or click here.


The Delgados – brothers Steve (drums, lead vocals), Joey (guitar), and Bob Delgado (bass) and their “Irish half-brother” David Kelley (organ, from Indiana) – were the 2016 International Blues Challenge National Champions, and Joey was the IBC’s “Albert King Award” winner as “Best Band Guitarist” the same year, representing the Ventura County Blues Society.

The East L.A.-based blues, roots-rock, Americana, and Latin soul band enjoys a loyal international following and celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2022, but the brothers’ musical legacy stretches back more than half a century.

To find out more about The Delgado Brothers, click here. To find out even more, click here.

For the Thompson tribute finale, the Delgados invited two special guests to join them: Diaz and Bob Robles, both of whom Joey said were friends who taught him a lot about playing guitar over the last 50 years. Like the Delgados, Diaz (Chico) and Robles (Thee Midniters) are East L.A. Chicano rock legends.

The three guitarists swapped solos, bars, and licks in an extended version of Sonny Landreth’s 1985 workout “Congo Square.”

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